Exquisite Popular Basic Embroidery Thread Set 25 Spools

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Poly X 40 Basic Color Thread Set--25 Spool Set 100% POLYESTER 40 WEIGHT THREAD This specially priced thread, Poly-X 40, comes in 1,000-meter (1,100 yard) Color cards are available to pick and choose or to accommodate special requests from their customers. The thread comes on a convenient snap spool and offers all the great characteristics of a polyester thread. It's durable, has a high sheen, and is ideal for general purpose embroidery. It's almost twice as strong as rayon, which means it runs longer without thread breaks or unraveling, while providing just the right amount of elasticity to minimize looping and puckering. You are bidding on 1 of the 288 different Poly X40 colors. It is 100% Polyester thread on 1,000 meter spools(approximately 1,100 Yards). Spools are 3 inches tall with the built in snap base to keep it from unraveling. Polyester Thread: Will not bleach or fade after washing Is stronger and more versatile than rayon threads Less lint in your machines than other embroidery threads Polyester threads have a gorgeous sheen that makes your designs sew out very pretty! Our New Poly X40 comes on Easy Snap spools than keep your thread from unraveling off the spool when not in use. All spools are brand new still in the shrink wrap!!!!!!!!

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