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120 Inch Quilters Tape Measure  ....   iCanHelp Notions


EASY PEASY TO READ!! No need for a magnifieng glass to read your measurements. This tape measure is made out of fiberglass and not cheap plastics. Did we mention it had HUGE LETTERS? Did we also mention that in case you need to wash it or your son or daughter takes it to the lake to water ski with it will not tear or stretch. Well maybe not depending on the boats horse power and how much your son or daughter weighs we are confident that it will hold up to a 75 lb person or dog or baby wildcat. You will hand this tape measure down in your notion basket to your daughter or grand daughter or even fashion sly son in law that has a knack for sewing trends. Metal tips on both ends... it's a no thinker... purchase one today. By Collins.


Every quilter that uses this tape measure will steal it so beware and order four or five of them to be safe. It is a quilters dream!