Fast Frames Embroidery Frame PR600/620/650 BROTHER BABYLOCK PRO TABLE Extension

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Fast Frames Embroidery Frame PR600/620/650 BROTHER  BABYLOCK PRO TABLE Extension
Made from very sturdy polyethelene, 11.25" to 20" Deep Cutout by 28" Wide Left to Right, by 1/2" Thick. 
Great for large or heavy items like quilting squares, blankets and lighter weight carpet and rugs.
Table Top is for those heavy items you sew that need to be supported from below. Great for quilting, towels, blankets, horse blankets, Carpets, jackets and other items that are not sewn tubular. Made from sturdy polyethylene, its lightweight and easy to attach and remove from your machine. 
1/2" thick table top with spacers to put insert at the same level as your needle plate, so hoops will not catch on the edges.
Brother brand embroidery machines:
PR600, PR600II, PR620, PR650, (PR1000, PR1000E includes $699 Brother Extension Table)
Baby Lock brand embroidery machines:
EMP6, BMP6, BMP8, BMP9, BNT10, ENT10