Embrilliance Convert It, Mac!

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Are you a Mac user with thousands of designs? Want to batch convert across embroidery file types with a single click? Perhaps you are a digitizer using a Mac and need to export all your file types. Convert It, Mac is an easy to use browser and conversion tool for embroidery files.

Some people ask if they can convert images such as .jpeg to an embroidery file. No, they are not related things. If you want to digitize a design (create one) then please have a look at StitchArtist.

Convert It, Mac makes the use of various embroidery file types easy and interchangeable, combining a browser for finding designs (even in .zip archives) that can look into nested folders and show the entire contents. And conversion is as simple as selecting what you want and clicking the file type you need.

You also have a handy suite of utilities such as printing a catalog of thumbnails or printing a template, recoloring designs with colors from their native format, creating design notes, writing Designer 1 USB or Floppy files and more.

If you’re looking to organize your designs on a Mac, give it a try!

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