Embrilliance Stitch Artist 1 to 3 Upgrade

Our Price:$480.00

Or $ 40 per month
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This upgrade requires a registered, installed copy of StitchArtist Level 1.

StitchArtist Level 3 is meant for those who love to create designs and for digitizers working commercially in machine embroidery. It includes advanced tools for shape manipulation, a much wider set of stitch types, and utilities that enhance both artistic interpretation and efficiency, including multi-format stitch file and native BX font publishing. SA3 has a wide range of options for input, configuring controls, and publishing, making it the choice for professional embroidery digitizers, stock design sellers, and font creators.

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Welcome to StitchArtist Level 3!

We made StitchArtist Level 3 for those who love to create designs and digitizers working commercially in machine embroidery. StitchArtist Level 3 includes advanced tools such as Styles, QuickStyles, an Eyelet tool, Carving lines, graphical shaping operators such as Cut, AND, Union, Flatten, Inflate/Deflate, Re-construct, and Break. Additional controls are available to work in your preferred method. The properties for each stitch type are fully revealed and operations for vector support, including export, are added. With level 3, you can draw .svg and cutting machine designs directly. It offers branching of all object types including sub-branches that don’t need to touch. There’s even a tool to automatically outline existing design stitches, making for easy borders on existing stitch-file elements. The inclusion of advanced lettering tools makes it easy to create custom enveloping, baselines of any shape, and templates to automate name-drops.

StitchArtist Level 3 allows you to create and publish assets like custom Motif stitches and Emboss patterns for yourself and other StitchArtist users. For digitizers who need to create custom fonts for their embroidery clients or those that want to publish fonts for their fellow StitchArtist users, level 3 includes object-based, scalable font publishing using our world-renowned BX installer format, complete with rights management built-in, all at no additional cost.

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