Embrilliance Stitch Artist LEVEL 3

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Made for anyone who loves creating designs, ready for commercial machine embroidery digitizers. Level 3 includes advanced shaping tools, a comprehensive set of stitch types, and utilities to enhance artistic interpretation and efficiency.
Level 3 has multiple input options, configurable default nodes, and multi-format stitch file, native BX font, and asset library publishing, perfect for professional digitizers, stock design sellers, and font creators.

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StitchArtist Level 3 is a tool for lovers of digitizing and hard-working creators who want versatility and productivity built in to their toolkit.

Level 3 is the choice of custom digitizers, stock design sellers, font-creators, designers, and embroidery professionals.

With configurable drawing tools and utilities that let you import and rework vector shapes, automatically outline existing stitches, create contours, trace line art with a click, branch objects of any stitch type, convert object-based fonts into editable shapes as well as creative options for custom motifs, carving lines, and even custom object-based fonts, StitchArtist Level 3 unlocks your potential at every step of the creation process. Level 2 lets you create anything; Level 3 lets you create anything faster, with more creative treatments, and publish it all for the embroidery world simply.

Typical Level 3 Projects include: detailed and/or complex designs, commercial logos, vector import, redesign, and editing for embroidery, creating designs and templates for published stock collections, publishing designs to multiple stitch file formats as well as to installable libraries for Embrilliance, creating custom fonts or font extensions for commercial clients and/or for publication in the BX format for distribution and/or sale to the Embrilliance community, multimedia designs including SVG vector cut files, and almost anything else you can imagine.

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