SturdiFrame 14" x 14" 560mm - 10 Needle Machine Only Jumbo Frame Complete Unit Bother / Baby Lock For "B" Arms Only

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SturdiFrame 14" x 14" 560mm


These frames are constructed of 3/16" anodized aluminum with stainless steel brackets to attach the frames to the machine arms.

More details

The frame measure 14" x 14" (sewing field) and is to be attached to the “B” arms of the 10 needle machine. The frame will be recognized as the 14" x 14" Jumbo hoop. This frame is excellent for split design projects requiring a larger sewing field. 

Simply apply sticky backing to the underside of the SturdiFrame and slide the frame brackets into the
appropriate arms of your 10 needle machine. Then, just “float” the item to be embroidered onto the
frame, press down to adhere the fabric to the backing and stitch!