After comparing the market, highly-respected authority cites unique, fast, ‘worth-every-penny’featuresBRIDGEWATER, N.J. — The Home Appliance Division of Brother International Corporation, a leading supplier of innovativeproducts for the home sewing enthusiast, proudly announces that it has received five “Consumers Digest Best Buy”designations from the February 2013 issue of Consumers Digest and, a highly respected authority on value in the consumer marketplace. Following a comparison of various machines in the marketplace, Consumers Digest gave a nod to the Brother XL2600 i sewing machine under the non-computerized sewing machine selection while theSimplicity by Brother SB3129 sewing machine was highlighted in the computerized sewing machine category.
Within the quilting sewing machine category, Brother scored a “Consumers Digest Best Buy”award for three stand-outmachines: its Laura Ashley Innov-ís NX2000 quilting and sewing machine; Quattro 2 sewing, quilting, embroidery andcrafting machine; and PE770 embroidery machine. The publication awards its “Consumers Digest Best Buy”seal top products which its staff judge to offer the most value for a given amount of money. All five of the Brother machines were included in either the premium, midrange, and economy categories.“We are extremely appreciative and very proud to have five of our popular machines deemed a “Consumers Digest Best Buy”byConsumers Digest,”says Dean F. Shulman, Senior Vice President of Brother International Corporation and head of thecompany’s Home Appliance and Industrial Products Divisions. “This acknowledgment supports the fact that we produce quality,feature-packed, high-performance machines for every skill level — from the budget-conscious beginner to the vested enthusiast.Having it vindicated by such a prestigious publication as Consumers Digest makes us even more gratified.”The Laura Ashley Innov-ís NX2000 sewing machine, selected by the publication under the premium quilting sewing machinecategory, offers an exceptional range of features to delight do-it-yourself home decorators. Consumers Digest noted, “The LauraAshley Innov-ís NX2000 has the fastest stitching speed that’s available among quilting models (up to 1,000 SPM). In addition toallowing you to stitch forward and in reverse, this model lets you stitch side to side and diagonally — a function that otherwise isfound only on a few elite models that cost at least $6,000.”Additional features include
:** 460 included sewing stitches (430 built-in, 30 on CD)
** Automatic Height Adjuster AHA feature that detects varying fabric thicknesses while sewing to achieve perfectlyuniform stitches
** Programmable Pivot feature to allow for easily managed corners
** Exclusive Brother My Custom Stitchfeature to create virtually an unlimited number of personalized stitches and savethem to the machine's expansive memory.
** Three specialty free motion feetThe Quattro 2 sets the standard for state-of-the-art sewing, quilting, crafting and embroidery. Selected under the premiumembroidery sewing machine category, Consumers Digest notes, “Yes, it is expensive but we believe the Quattro 2 is worthevery penny for the hardcore embroiderer. This model, which is an update of a previous Best Buy selection, has a new ColorShuffling function that lets you view and stitch a design in any color palette. This model also has a unique 10-inch tablet-likescreen that lets you transform artwork into a stitchable design, while eliminating the need for custom software and a separatecomputer.”Additional Quattro2 features:
** 4.5" x 7" wide-angle Advanced Super View (ASV) HD LCD touch screen display by Sharp Corporation
** Scanning feature with InnovEye Technology and Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker
** Print and StitchTechnology to combine printed images with embroidery designs for 3D art
** Nearly 50 square inches of work space to accommodate your largest projects
** Large 12" x 8" Embroidery AreaOne of the newest members of the Brother line, the Simplicityby Brother SB3129 sewing machine was just introduced at theend of August 2012. Brother partnered for the first time with industry icon Simplicity Pattern Company to produce this machine.In its comments, Consumers Digest noted, “The Simply Creative SB3129 is the lowest price model that has a start/stop functionthat allows you to stitch without a foot pedal. You would have to pay at least $350 more for another model that has that function.”The magazine chose the Simplicity by Brother machine as an economy computerized sewing machine selection.The SB3129 Simply Creative Computerized Sewing Machine features:

** 129 Built-in sewing stitches including 10 styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes; 3 lettering styles

** My Custom Stitch feature for creating personalized stitches

** Start/Stop button and foot controller
** Advanced needle threading system and automatic thread trimming
** Includes wide table for larger projectsWith its expansive 5" x 7" embroidery field, the Brother PE770 allows users to stitch larger designs appropriate for jackets, bagsand home décor items, and have more space to combine and rotate designs, lettering, frames and borders for truly custom, oneof-a-kind creations. Chosen as an economy embroidery sewing machine selection in the Consumers Digest article, the BrotherPE770 embroidery machine is “by far the lowest priced embroidery model that has the capability to rotate designs in one-degreeincrements and includes built-in memory to save your custom designs. You would have to pay double the price to buy anothermodel that has that combination of features.”
** Easy-to-use, back-lit LCD 1.4" x 2.7" touch screen display
** 136 built-in embroidery designs and six lettering fonts. USB port for updating the machine and importing additionaldesigns
** Design editing features
** Automatic needle threader
** Reliable, Quick-Set drop-in bobbin The versatile Brother XL2600i is designed for sewing, quilting and decorating clothing, crafts and home fashion. Its combinationof features, according to Consumers Digest, sets it apart from other economy models. “You would have to pay at least $90 moreto buy a model that has more stitches and matches this model’s highest speed (800 SPM),”notes the article.Features include:

** 25 built-in utility, decorative and heirloom stitches, each with multiple stitch functions

** Automatic needle threader and bobbin winding system

** Built-in thread cutter

** Automatic one-step buttonholer** Drop-in bobbin

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