BabyLock Ellisimo Gold 2



Take a creative journey into luxury with the Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold II embroidery and sewing machine. This is the Baby Lock machine with the most features powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology™. That means you get quick auto-adjustments for hassle-free embroidery.Enjoy easy on-screen editing and hundreds of built-in designs. It's easy to customize home décor, children’s clothes, and more with your favorite embroidery. The Ellisimo Gold II is great for sewing projects, too. Built-in stitches and the Multi-Function Foot Control make it easy to sew garments, quilts and more. For every project, the Ellisimo Gold II will take your inspiration to reality.



TruView ASV LCD Color Touch Screen in HD

Baby Lock IQ Technology TruView™ ASV LCD Color Touch Screen in HD

This large screen measures 8.5" diagonally and can display over 16 million colors. The results are clear, vivid images. Plus, large touch screen buttons help with quickly editing stitches and designs and accessing the machine settings.

Needle Cam

Baby Lock IQ Technology NeedleCam™ and Precise Touch Positioning™

It's easier to position deigns and choose thread colors when viewing your actual project on screen. The NeedleCam digital camera scans your fabric so you can clearly see every detail of your designs and position them exactly where you want.

Needle Beam

Baby Lock IQ Technology Needle Beam

The Needle Beam highlights the needle drop point so you know exactly where your embroidery will begin.

Color Visualizer

Baby Lock IQ TechnologyColor Visualizer

The Color Visualizer enhances your creativity by displaying your design in an endless array of color combinations. Choose from four categories: Radom, Vivid, Gradient and Soft. Then, watch as your designs change on the vivid TruView ASV LCD Screen.


Baby Lock IQ TechnologyUSB Drives (2 Type A, 1 Type B)

Easily access your own design library or download new designs with the USB connectivity. The Ellisimo Gold II also comes with a mouse if you prefer to use it rather than the touch screen.

Stadium Lighting

Enhanced Stadium Lighting

Shine a spotlight on your projects with eight high-color LED lights. Stadium Lighting surrounds your needle with up to 10 inches of light so you can see your workspace clearly.


Baby Lock IQ Technology OnScreen Designer™ with SketchPad™ Digital Tablet

Digital Tablet Instantly digitize hand-drawn and traced designs with the OnScreen Designer and SketchPad Digital Tablet. Choose your favorite thread colors and edit on screen to create original designs.

Editing and Resizing

Baby Lock IQ Technology Embroidery Editing and Resizing

Enlarge designs by 200% or decrease down to 60% of the original. The Ellisimo Gold II recalculates the thread density to ensure flawless embroidery regardless of the new design size.

Foot Control

Baby Lock IQ Technology Multi-Function Foot Control

Gives your feet the ability to perform two separate functions so that you can keep your hands on your project. Start and stop your sewing with the main pedal, and program two additional functions for the heel tap feature and side pedal. Choose from single stitch, position needle up/down, thread cutting or reverse stitch.

Four Hoops

Baby Lock IQ Technology Four Hoops Included

Stay in the hoop while thinking outside the box. The Ellisimo Gold II comes with four embroidery hoops to help you complete projects of any size:
  • 8" x 12" (200mm x 300mm)
  • 8" x 8" (200mm x 200mm)
  • 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm)
  • 1" x 2-1/2" (20mm x 60mm)

Two Extra-Large, 6" Embroidery Alphabets

200 new characters create fresh opportunities for large, personalized embroidery. Great for large monograms!
Large Buttonhole designs

45 Large Buttonhole Embroidery Designs

Buttons are great for embellishing anything from trendy garments to home décor. Includes 15 new buttonhole styles in three sizes each (4", 3", and 2").
Decorative Designs

15 Decorative Designs

New designs specially made to decorate the new buttonhole designs. Never stitch a dull buttonhole again.
Baby Lock IQ Technology™

Baby Lock IQ Technology™

Baby Lock IQ Technology is what makes Baby Lock machines so smart and efficient. IQ Technology works with the "brain" of your machine to help achieve exactly what you desire.