Generations Embroidery Software

Generations Embroidery Software

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Generations Embroidery Software







The full version of Generations 1.6 includes all of the following modules, or you can purchase each module separately:
Generations Modular Digitizing System

Generations Automatic Digitizing Software
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Dreaming of digitizing software that is fast, easy and powerful? Then you have been dreaming of the Generations Automatic Digitizing system. The Premier Digitizing System for the home embroiderer from the industry leader in Automatic Software!

Using Generations and your personal computer or laptop you can create beautiful, professional quality embroidery fast for your home or commercial embroidery machine. Generations is compatible with all major home and commercial embroidery machines and can read and write to: DST, EMD, EXP, GEN, HUS, JEF, PCD, PCM, PES, SEW, SHV, VST, XXX* and other commercial formats!


Features Include:

  • Create embroidery directly from artwork such as clip art, photographs or scanned images. You can even use your own or a loved ones drawings.
  • Unlimited lettering creation using True Type Fonts, which are available on your computer and from many other sources.
  • Add interest to your design or lettering by selecting different fill types or fill effects, or creating a fill effect of your own. Generations offers unlimited fill pattern creation and fill options not found in other digitizing software and allows for unique text and design shaping and placement.
  • Easy-to-use editing tools - you have complete control over every aspect of your design, giving you complete creative freedom!

Generations Digitizing



Generations Automatic Digitizing is the most powerful automatic system on the market today. Generations uses an Advanced Image Processing system allowing images from clipart, scanner or digital cameras to be quickly turned into embroidery. Simply insert or scan your image into Generations software and go from image to design in a few simple steps. Add your fabric background (even Aida fabric) and preview your design with QuickStitch + realistic 3D Stitch View.


Generations Digitizing


  • Generations software opens BMP, WMF, EMF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF & PNG images.
  • Insert Scanned images directly into the program.
  • Edit your image before creating stitching using any image editing program on your computer. QuickStitch+ will automatically create the program list for you!
  • Create quick cross stitch designs from any image.
  • Change fill types and patterns using one of the 9 fill types including Spiral fills, Motif fills, Cross stitch fills and Radial fills.
  • Add outlines using one of the 9 line or outline styles, including Motif, Cross stitch and Satin pattern lines.
  • Edit satin or filled areas with the the advanced, user-friendly editing tools.
  • Control underlay, Tie In & Out stitches, and Stitch Lengths.
  • Control compensations with 3 settings, Standard, Overlap and Cross compensation for satin areas.
  • Control satin stitching direction.
  • Edit satin corners or points for perfect stitching every time!
  • Reshape a line or area with adjustment tools. Line, Arc and Freehand.
  • Node-Point Editing, Stitch-by-Stitch Editing, or multiple Stitch Editing
  • Create and fill voids or holes
  • Group, Ungroup, Rotate, Flip, Sew, Align, Cut, Copy, Paste and more!


Generations Lettering




Generations Lettering


Generations lettering works with the True Type fonts already installed on your computer and other True Type fonts available on the internet and in font collections giving you unlimited lettering options. You can even use symbols and decorative fonts often called wingdings, dingbats or windings.

Add lettering to existing designs in any manner using text paths such as: Ellipse, Arc, Line, Freehand Line and Existing Outline.

Place fabric in the background using the Canvas option, select your thread colors from one of the 24 manufacturer thread catalogs or your own personal thread catalog and then view your design in our realistic 3D Preview.

  • Automatic True Type font-to-stitch creation
  • Multi-Line, Multi-Font, Multi-Color lettering options
  • Import designs from major home machine formats.
  • Resize designs with accurate density adjustment.
  • Resize, Rotate, Flip, Copy, Paste and Align designs.
  • Create unique lettering with Fill Patterns and Outline creation.
  • Reshape lettering with Generations Art Font.
  • Create shadowed lettering with Automatic Shadowing.
  • Move, add or delete stitches for letters and design files.
  • Edit letters, adjust density, underlay and stitch lengths for perfect large or small lettering.
  • Space letters at one time, individually or by selection.
  • Color, sort & set sewing order with ease.
  • Print design templates in 3D View or ink saving Stitch view.

Generations Punching


Generations Punching



Generations Modular Digitizing system contains advanced manual punching tools allowing you to have complete control over the creation of designs.

Use the Manual Punching tools in Generations to create embroidery using images as a background or by freehand punching and then edit your areas or lines if needed.

  • Use BMP, WMF, EMF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF & PNG images as backgrounds for punching.
  • Use the Magic Wand to automatically create basic areas and free up your time to create more complex or shaded areas.
  • Create freehand areas or lines, Circles, Ellipses, Squares or Rectangles with easy to use punching tools.
  • Create perfect arcs, curves or waves using the perfect arc tool.
  • Input straight or curved points without changing tools.
  • Change fill type and patterns using one of the 9 fill types, including Spiral fills, Motif fills, Radial fills and Cross Stitch.
  • Automatically create outlines using one of the 9 line or outline styles, including Motif, Cross Stitch & Satin pattern lines.
  • Control Underlay, Tie In & Out stitches, and Stitch Lengths.
  • Control compensations with 3 settings, Standard, Overlap and Cross compensation.
  • Edit satin or filled areas with the advanced, user-friendly editing tools.
  • Control Satin stitching direction and edit corners or points for perfect stitching every time!
  • Reshape a line or area with adjustment tools. Line, Arc, Freehand, Node-Point Editing, Stitch-Point Editing.
  • Create and fill voids or holes.
  • Group, Ungroup, Rotate, Flip, Sew, Align, Cut, Copy, Paste and more!

Generations Fills


Generations Fills



Generations Automatic Digitizing system gives you unlimited textures for lettering, designs and outlines.

Generations offers 9 fill types and 5 fill effects for unlimited fill options in Complex, Satin, Radial, Arc, Cross Stitch, Motif, Spiral, Fluid Contour or Applique filled areas.

Solid fill types in Generations such as Complex, Satin, Radial and Arc fills have unlimited pattern creation using the Generations pattern editor and stamped patterns.

Open fills in Generations such as Motif, Spiral and Fluid Contour fills have endless pattern options using the Motifs included in Generations software.

Cross Stitch fill is a true 2-times over cross stitch fill. You can control the size, create the appearance of 1/2 and 1/4 cross stitches to create a cross stitch design quickly.

Generations also has Fill Effects. Add embossing, feathered edges, create stamped patterns and motifs or create gradient shading patterns.

Generations lines and outlines offer as much variety and texture as Generations fill patterns.

Generations Fills 2

Generations offers 9 line styles. Choose from Running, Double Running, Triple Running, Bean Stitch, Satin Border, Motif, Running Cross Stitch, Blanket Stitch and Buttonholes Lines.

Generations ButtonHoles

Generations Stitches

Generations Applique is instant and automatically creates placement, tack down and coverstitch lines.

Generations Applique

Choose between Satin or Blanket cover stitching, change settings as needed, add texture to satin cover stitches or double stitching to blanket stitches. Choose the exact location for your applique placement, tack down or cover stitch with Generations offset features.

Use the Need Not Cut Cloth option to place tack down and cover stitching in one continuous stitching sequence. Set Stitch lengths on cover stitching.


Note: Strict copyright laws eliminate the possibility of returning or exchanging software since it is so easy to copy and share.

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Generations Modular Digitizing System

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