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Embroidery Software and Hardware

Brother PE-Designs Next , Singer Futura Options Auto Punch Futura, Floriani Embroidery Software, Buzz 2 Stitches Size Edit Word Tools, Amazing Designs Software, Janome Artistic, Monogram Wizard Plus Alpha Packs, Generations and more software for every need and skill level.

Software Breakdown:
Design and Digitizing Software - Takes a pre-designed image and converts it to stitches then saves it specifically for the machine format that you need. Design software helps you create an image to digitize. **Some images are not able to be digitized without re-creation or editing.
Monogramming, Lettering, and Fonts - Strictly specializes in initials or words on fabric or any embroidable surface.

Editing and Resizing - Will edit a existing embroidery file and size it to fit the deminsions of your embroidery hoop. Also, some programs will edit stitch count and thread colors that you will use to do your embroidery optimizing the quality of the embroidery.

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