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Embroidery Software / Embroidery Hardware

Note:  Strict copyright laws eliminate the possibility of returning or exchanging software since it is so easy to copy and share.

Embroidery Software

Embroidery Fonts Software

Embroidery Fonts Software
Software programs for monogramming, embroidering fonts, making beautiful alphabet lettering and more! Choose from the latest and most popular embroidery fonts software packages such as Monogram Wizard, Monogram SP, Magnificent Monograms....
[see all Embroidery Fonts Software ]

Singer PSW 2.0 Options Embroidery Software

Singer PSW 2.0 Options

Singer's PSW Options Software is an optional add-on program that enhances the PSW 2.0 software by adding the features of Autopunch, Photostitch and Hyperfont.
[more on Singer PSW 2.0 Options]
  • OUR PRICE: $349.00

Singer Futura Auto Digitizing Software Option

Singer Futura Options

Add-on software options for the Singer Futura CE100 Embroidery Machine (included in CE200). Auto Digitizing Option
Auto-Cross Option
Hyper-Font Option
Photo Stitch Option

[more on Singer Futura Options]

Monogram SP Embroidery Software

Monogram SP Embroidery Software

An innovative new embroidery software that gives you the most control over sizing and placement of letters on garments. Monogram SP offers a selection of 50 different fonts and 120 border and flourish styles. Create up to 3 letter monograms and 2 lines of text with easy-to-use controls...
[more on Monogram SP Embroidery Software]
  • Retail: $199.95
  • OUR PRICE: $179.95

Pantograms Embroidery Type Library, Volume 1

Pantograms Embroidery Type Library, Volume 1

Introducing a new product, designed specifically for Embroidery Magic 2 and Monogram SP, adding 75 embroidery keyboard fonts to your existing embroidery software...
[more on Pantograms Embroidery Type Library]
  • MSRP: $129.95
  • OUR PRICE: $99.95

Pantograms Fancyworks Studio

Fancyworks Studio brings you exclusive features to give you endless opportunities for developing your own unique creativity and style! Includes 10 fonts, 18 pre-set shapes, quilt stitch, full editing features and so much more ...
[more on Fancyworks Studio Embroidery Software]
  • Retail: $399.00
  • OUR PRICE: $329.00

Janome Giga Hoop
Kit For MC9500, MC9700 & 300E

This kit contains a 9.1" X 7.9" Giga Hoop, Customizer 10000 Plus Version 3.1 software, an Instruction Book, and Stitchitize Giga Hoop Collection CD-ROM. The software enables Giga Hoop to be used with MC9500 and MC300E and upgrades your machine to be able to read the Free Arm Hoop (sold seperately)
[more on Janome's Giga Hoop Kit]

NEW! The Click2Stitch product line includes eight exciting software tools that will have you embroidering with the masters!   Also... Free Gift With Purchse!

    Whether you embroider for fun or for profit ... we have the software solution that will make your stitches "extraordinary". .... (more on Click2Stitch)


My Thread Box Software

My Thread Box
MyThreadBox is a revolutionary software package for anyone who sews - especially machine embroidery and machine cross-stitch users. It uses digital color value matching (Red-Green-Blue Color Strength Numbers) instead of 'conversion tables' to cross-reference any given thread color to 25 different thread palettes.
[more on My Thread Box Embroidery Software]

  • Retail: $89.99
  • OUR PRICE: $79.99

Digitizing's Sew Easy - Brother PE Design 6.0 Workbook by Cynthia Hogan

Brother PE Design 6.0 Workbook and CD
Learn how to digitize, download designs from the Internet and more using Brother's PE Design software program. Whatever the level of your expertise, this workbook will help you learn Brother's PE Design software.
[more on the Brother PE Design 6.0 Workbook]

  • OUR PRICE: $79.99

Generations Automatic Digitizing Software

Generations Automatic Digitizing Software
Ready to Ship - Call for great price!
Generations is the most powerful automatic system on the market today, using an Advanced Image Processing system and includes many embroidery/monogramming features all in one software!
[more on Generations Embroidery Software ]

Generations Monograms+ Embroidery Software

Generations Monograms+ Embroidery Software

Ready to Ship - Call for great price!
Generations Monograms+ works with the True Type fonts already available on your pc, includes 203 borders and saves your designs in most major home embroidery and commercial formats
[more on Generations Monograms+ Embroidery Software]

QuiltCAD is an exciting new software package from Cabin Logic that enables you, the quilt designer, to quickly and easily design and layout your quilt stitching patterns. - Demo Available
[more on quiltcad Embroidery Software ]

  • OUR PRICE: $109.00

Explorations Embroidery Software

Explorations Embroidery Software
This software package writes to most home embroidery formats and includes 100 complete designs, 25 alphabets, thread charts, alignment and spacing tools and more.
[more on Explorations Embroidery Software ]

  • OUR PRICE: $389.00


Amazing Designs - Latest New Software - All with free 30 day trial
NEW!!! Amazing Designs - Amazing Combo™
Edit N' Stitch Customize embroidery designs.
NEW!!! Edit N' Stitch 2.0 Customize embroidery designs.
Digitize 'N Stitch Create unique appliqué.
Personalize 'N Stitch™Enjoy personalizing your embroidery projects...... [more on Amazing Designs Software ]


E-Z Estimator Embroidery Software

E-Z Estimator 5.5
With the new E-Z Estimator you can prepare embroidery production and price estimates quickly and accurately, taking the guesswork out of what to charge customers.
[more on E-Z Estimator Embroidery Software]

  • Retail: $299.99
  • OUR PRICE: $229.00

Buzz Tools Plus Embroidery Software

Buzz Tools Embroidery Software Packages

  • Buzz Tools Plus V4
  • Buzz Edit V2 - Easily edit and create stitch-based embroidery designs...
  • BuzzXplore - Premier embroidery design management. It's a browser, instant 3-D viewer, organizer, converter and zip processor...
  • BuzzSize V2 - Embroidery resizing software. Resize, adjust the stitch density - number of stitches is re-calculated and fill patterns retained...
  • [see all Buzz Tools Embroidery Software Packages]

    Rewriteable Embroidery Memory Cards

    Blank Rewriteable Embroidery Memory Cards
    Blank embroidery memory cards for Amazing Box, OESD Magic Box, PE-Design, Palette and Wizard Box ... [more]

    Embroidery Magic 2 digitizing/customizing embroidery software. This features many powerful tools including a dynamic text generator (5 fonts included), 100 Dakota Collectible designs, Real View tool!
    [more on Embroidery Magic 2 ]

    • MSRP: $129.95
    • OUR PRICE: $99.95

    Embroidery Hardware

    Singer PSW 2.0 Embroidery Software

    Singer PSW 2.0 Sew-Ware
    Professional embroidery design software that works with your personal computer to expand the capabilities of the Quantum XL series embroidery machine.
    [more on Singer Embroidery Software ]

    • MSRP: $1,500.00
    • OUR PRICE: $849.00


    PED-Basic®For Downloading Embroidery Designs Brand New in Factory Sealed Box

    PED Basic® allows you to apply simple editing operations to embroidery data (.pes files) created with our embroidery design software and to write the designs to original cards. PES files can also be purchased or obtained from the internet. [more on PED-Basic Embroidery Hardware ]

    • MSRP: $199.95
    • OUR PRICE: $128.99

    StitchLink Wireless Sewing Machine Server

    StitchLink Wireless Sewing Machine Server
    StitchLink has been designed specifically to provide 802.11b wireless networking capability for a USB enabled sewing machine. Now you can send your pattern data to your sewing machine wirelessly from anywhere at home!
    [more on StitchLink Wireless Sewing Machine Server]

    • OUR PRICE: $249.00

    OESD Magic Box Card Converter

    *New* OESD Magic Box Elite Card Converter *Upgrade* Available For Current Magic Box Owners
    Now you can transfer designs straight to your hard drive or transfer designs from one card type to another or transfer a design file from a computer to a blank memory card. ...
    [more on Magic Box Embroidery Design Converter]

    • Retail: $399.99
    • OUR PRICE: $249.99

    Rewriteable Embroidery Memory Cards

    Blank Rewriteable Embroidery Memory Cards
    Blank embroidery memory cards for Amazing Box, OESD Magic Box, PE-Design, Palette and Wizard Box ... [more]


    Amazing Designs Amazing Box Max Embroidery Card Converter Blank Card and Software
    Amazing Box MAX™ automatically converts designs in most embroidery formats to your home embroidery machine format with a simple 3-step process.

    • Retail: $349.99 OUR PRICE: $199.00 - Free Shipping!
    • Our price $249(Retail $399) with rewritable memory card -

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