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    Embroidery Stabilizers and Backing's Marketing Manager View on Embroidery Stabilizer and Embroidery backing.

    Embroidery Stabilizer and Embroidery backing are the same in concept but not by design. A educated industry opinion would say you will find the old school industry educators and brand representatives calling the tool backing. There are no facts but hear say he said buy she says that stabilizer is a current and more operable term to what is being done in regards to actually stabilizing fabric or what have you for the design in machine embroidery. Opposed to machine embroidery is hand embroidery and one could assess that hand embroidery is not stabilizing as much a backing up or in so many words giving something a back so that you can push a needle through it and your design does not fold in front of your eyes after the third stitch attempt. We know the first hoop or stick was around the corner of the first hand embroidery design but let us be imaginitive and pionerring minors of truth from assumption. If this is the first assessment online to this may it be said that backing and stabilizer are an embroiderer's grandmother and mother. I feel certain with the labels reading stabilizer on almost all of todays fiberous tools we use for putting our designs on fiberous material that stabilizer will also remain daughter and daughters child. So hopefully a non-fact based paragraph will clear things up for our customers that always ask that question.... "say, what is the difference between stabilizer and backing?". If you are a newbie to the scene don't even digest that but chew on it while you read the menu. We are taking discussion for the topic here at because it says I can help and surely it will never say I know sew. Reply to this if intrigued but follow bellow if you are interested in purchasing stabilizer that will work and keep waste and time down to a minimum which is what we strive for here.

    Sticky,Tear Away, Cut Away, Wash Away, Fusible Stabilizers that offer backing as well as a stable environment to beautify your designs in machine embroidery. Stabilizers are used to hold fabric in the embroidery hoop, safe and sturdy, to insure proper stitching. Different fabrics require different stabilizers. Below is a guide to know what stabilizer to use in most situations. We do invite you to call us 1-800-898-0893 if you have any questions if you are new and do not want to waste time and money.

    Understanding the basic concept: The basic concept is that bottom tension gone is loops on top and top tension gone is loops on the bottom. Remember that no matter what you do as you imaging the fabric that is reccommended with each stabilizer and you will start to "get it". Thats how pros think if they know it or not and the next factor is traction and think of feed dogs as tires going through either grass, mud, snow, or ice. If you did not pick up anything with that read it five more times and memorize it. Then you will start to "get it" which is a mile ahead of 80% of the community.

    No Show Fusible Mesh Embroidery Stabilizer / Backing

    You don't want the stabilizer to show through the front of the garment? No show diagonal mesh is a nylon non-fiber stabilizer backing with a left to right embossed pattern. This design makes the stabilizer almost impossible to see. You can also fuse the stabilizer to the garment for extra stability. Cut away excess stabilizer from the garment.

    Regular Tearaway Embroidery Stabilizer / Backing

    An all purpose medium-weight tearaway works well with high stitch counts and many different fabrics. 1.5 ozs. Perfect for both multi-needle/head multi-needle/head commercial embroidery machines. Multiple sizes to choose from. Non woven 50/50 polyester/ rayon.

    Heavy Tearaway Embroidery Stabilizer / Backing

    A heavy tearaway works for T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and many other fabrics. 2.5 ozs. Perfect for both home and multi-needle/head commercial embroidery machines. Multiple sizes to choose from. Nonwoven 50% polyester/50% rayon.

    Regular Cutaway Embroidery Stabilizer / Backing

    Do you need an all purpose regular weight cutaway works well with high density or large designs, delicate and stretchy fabrics? Perfect for both home and multi-needle/head commercial embroidery machines. Multiple sizes to choose from. Non-woven, soft 100% polyester.

    Heavy Cutaway Embroidery Stabilizer / Backing

    Do you need heavy cutaway for high density designs and weak fabrics? Perfect for both home and multi-needle/head commercial embroidery machines. Multiple sizes to choose from. Non-woven, soft 100% polyester.

    Iron-on Tear away Embroidery Stabilizer / Backing

    Do you want to stabilize any fabric in seconds but just for a second or two? This medium weight stabilizer removes shifting and puckering. Perfect for stretchy and light fiber woven fabrics. Non-woven. 1.5 ozs.

    Tearaway-Wash away Embroidery Stabilizer / Backing

    Do you need a water soluble stabilizer that is still a non-woven style? This Has all the properties of regular tearaway and it will break down easily in warm water.

    Sticky Adhesive Tear Away Embroidery Stabilizer

    Do you need more productivity without losing quality? Do you need to embroider meticulous things such as ribbon or a huge towel? Use this with hooping or slap it right on the back of the hoop. There are endless ways to use this type of stabilizer and don’t forget to recycle and simply patch up the embroidery that you tore out. Hmm wish I had thought of that. You can also use this stabilizer for creating artistic appliques. There are ENDLESS possibilities to the uses of adhesive tear away stabilizer so put on your creative hat and go do it now you ball of creativity you. Also, you can’t go wrong with this stabilizer backing starting at $1 a foot for high quality as in the Stuck Stabilizer line.

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